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Ivor Ichikowitz

Ivor Ichikowitz, at his Cape Town retreat, is a wealthy white man who also happens to be a devout backer of the ANC and a member of President Jacob Zuma's inner circle..

4th December 2011 - Toronto Star

There's a slight impishness in the air as Ivor Ichikowitz says this. But then, he is beholding a chess set whose pieces are all carved caricatures of the key players in the fight over apartheid.

On the far side of the board stands a figurine of Nelson Mandela as the black king, flanked (twice) by Desmond Tutu as the bishops.

Arrayed opposite them is an equal army of paler-faced politicos, not just former South African President F.W. de Klerk and former foreign minister "Pik" Botha, but also - as a castle on the far right - Eugene Terre'Blanche, the white supremacist recently killed by two farm workers.

"It's unbelievable that these guys could find each other, that they could ever find common ground," says Ichikowitz, whose privately held Paramount Group is now a major producer of military vehicles. "It's an amazing story, but you'll find that a lot of the really radical stuff on both sides has gone away."

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