Union of Jewish Women

Union of Jewish Women

Umoja Foundation announces its support for the Union of Jewish Women

September 2011

The Umoja Foundation announced today that it is lending its financial support to the Union of Jewish Women (UJW), an organisation that endeavours to create a better quality of life for people from disadvantaged communities.

The Umoja Foundation, which was set up in 2010 by Ivor Ichikowitz, Executive Chairman of the Paramount Group, has made the decision to assist the UJW on a monthly basis with the funding of two of their on-going projects, Kosher Mobile Meals and Granny-and-Child-headed Households. Both organisations are hoping this will lead to more people obtaining help when they need it most. Currently, there are numerous individuals who are either too frail or elderly to be able to properly nourish themselves, or for various reasons cannot acquire the food they need.

The UJW's flagship project is Kosher Mobile Meals, which presently provides cooked nutritious meals for 165 individuals every day of the week. Support from Umoja Foundation now means that Union volunteers can continue to serve high-quality food on an on-going basis.

With the Umoja Foundation's help, the UJW will be able to continue to help these individuals, not just by delivering meals, but also by providing the recipients with comfort, kindness and companionship.

The UJW's Granny-and-Child-headed-Households project involves delivering food parcels to 63 of these households in Pimville, Soweto once a month. The added support by Umoja now means that the project can continue despite the ever-increasing cost of living, and that the monthly food parcels can be supplemented with additional necessary foodstuffs.

Ivor Ichikowitz, who founded the Umoja Foundation, said: "The UJW's work and commitment to its services is greatly admirable and I am delighted that so many will benefit from the Foundation’s continued support of the UJW. I hope that with the Umoja Foundation's support, the Union can continue to deliver such high quality services, and extend its help to more people in need."


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